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    Quranic Wazifa for Normal Delivery

    quranic wazifa for normal delivery

    Nothing is more vital than guaranteeing the kid’s safety and health, and with Quranic Wazifa for Normal Delivery, you will get Allah’s blessings and your child will be born healthy.

    When the delivery date approaches, the mother experiences a great deal of stress and anxiety. The primary goal is to bring the kid into the world safely, and this wazifa will assist in that endeavor.

    Begin your wazifa one month before your due date.

    • Make ablution and put on clean clothing first.
    • Then, write a prayer for your child on a piece of clean white paper. You can also request prayer from a Famous Astrologer Maulana Ji.
    • The paper should then be placed inside an amulet.
    • The amulet should then be tied to the would-be mother’s left thigh with a string.
    • The kid will be born safely at the moment of birth. 

    Dispose of the baby after birth. 

    Wazifa for Prompt Delivery

    Wazifa for Prompt Delivery, The process of delivery may be incredibly thrilling and special, but it can also be very painful for the mother at the time. Mothers can be in labor for hours at a time, which can be excruciatingly painful. Here is a wazifa a lady might use for an uncomplicated delivery:

    • Wear clean clothing and do fresh ablution.
    • Gather some jaggery and keep it in front of you. Then, recite a suitable dua to pray for the safety of your child and your health.
    • Then, repeat the dua 21 times.
    • After then, blow on the jaggery and consume it.
    • If you performed this for a month before your delivery, you will have a safe childbirth.

    You may attempt another Dua, and you can keep repeating it from time to time.

    Make a point to  read your namaz five times a day.

    Aadduaee rabba habba habit min ladunka nuraitan tayyabatan innaka same Aadduaee

    On alternating days, you can also read the following Surahs:

    • The first Surah Luqman will aid in the development of the baby’s brain.
    • His health will improve as a result of the second Surah Yusuf.
    • The third Surah Mariam will aid to ease labor and ensure a safe birth.
    • The woman can also read the Astaghfar as many times as she wants during the day, which will aid in a normal and safe delivery.

    Mutaffifin Surah For Normal Delivery

    Mutaffifin Surah For Normal Delivery, A regular delivery is seen to be the greatest way to give birth to a child. Although medical technology has made significant advances, and many women undergo C-sections when the birth is problematic, a woman can have a safe and normal delivery with Allah’s blessings.

    You might try saying the following dua for a normal and painless delivery:

    Rabba la tazarnee fazdan fazdan fazdan fazdan fazdan fazdan fazdan fazdan fazdan fa

    You can also read the duas below for normal birth and Allah’s blessings on your kid.

    Al Khaliqo and Al Mubdiyo.

    Place your hands on your tummy and recite this dua. Then repeat Allah’s name as many times as you can.

    You can also recite the Surahs listed below:

    Begin by saying: Allahumma I Nnee Aaas Alu Ka Bim Aa sa Ala ka Bihee Zaka riy yaa rabbi laa ta Dar neee

    Begin reciting this dua as soon as you learn of your pregnancy and continue to do so every day for the next nine months.

    Remember to conduct ablution before performing the dua every day.

    During this time, read the Quran as much as possible.

    This will substantially aid in the delivery’s safety. Aside from reciting the wazifa, family members must spend time with the mother and make her happy.

    If the mother is in a good mood, most of the issues will be handled on their own, and the wazifa for a safe normal birth will just make the remainder of the procedure simpler.

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